Venue Services

Hosting the best events takes a great facility paired with the finest service. We hold our team to the highest standards of customer service to prioritize the experience of anyone who sets foot in our building.

Guest Services

Our friendly Guest Services team is always ready to assist visitors. Located throughout the lobby, they greet attendees, provide directions, answer questions and manage traffic flow. We provide a complimentary number of Guest Services staff for events. 

All Guest Services team members are happy to assist individuals with sensory needs.

Cleaning Services

As the exclusive in-house cleaning service, our staff takes great pride in maintaining an immaculate facility from top to bottom.

We use eco-friendly cleaning products and our cleaning staff is at the heart of our award-winning recycling program. Specific information about event cleaning can be found in our Regulations.

Exhibitors can conveniently pre-order booth cleaning, or request cleaning on-site at our exhibitor services desk.

Facility Security & Public Safety

We place the highest priority on safety and security during events.

Our experienced in-house security team is responsible for all public areas, facilitating dock entry and directing shuttle and vehicle traffic on the front drive. For leased space, we can provide a list of approved event security providers to assist you.

Union Labor Partners

We have long-term and productive relationships with local unions through a memorandum of understanding. Your Event Manager can provide details.

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