Lobby & Amenities

Our ground-floor lobby has barrel-vaulted windows that make excellent use of natural light and provide panoramic views of downtown San Diego. Recently refinished, the carpet and walls are neutral and elegant, allowing your event’s branding and décor to shine.

Lobbies remain spacious in our upper and mezzanine levels as well. Flexible space used for receptions, registration or networking areas is common outside of our ballroom and meeting room entrances.


75,756 sq. ft.

lobby space




passenger elevators


  • Free Wi-Fi is available throughout all lobbies with options for upgrade
  • Wall-mounted charging stations 
  • FedEx Office Business Center in Lobby D, offering printing, shipping and other services
  • Flight boards in Lobbies A and E
  • Starbucks in Lobbies A, C and E
  • Water bottle fill stations
  • An inclusive and accessible restroom with two private single-occupancy rooms, each with a locking door and floor-to-ceiling walls, is in Lobby A
  • Mothers Lounges are available in the women’s restrooms in Lobbies A and E


We partner with Digital Conventions to offer permanent and mobile video screens in the lobby. Permanent screens are located near key entrances and several sizes of mobile screens are available for placement. Learn more about digital signage.

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