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Keeping us Connected: Q & A with Mansour Shammas

In pre-pandemic times, you’d often find Mansour Shammas sitting at a colleague’s desk, bringing a smile and a patient approach to resolving technical issues. As a computer systems analyst in our four-person IT department, Mansour’s focus has shifted away from in-person assistance to remote support for our physically distant workflows—video meetings, software updates, file sharing, security, and related tasks.

Originally from Iraq, Mansour earned his bachelor’s degree in computer communications engineering and began his career there before moving to California in 2015. He has stayed in touch with family and friends in Iraq and other countries, hearing about their experiences with the pandemic and measures to contain the spread of COVID-19. Though Iraq has had fewer severe cases, he noted the pandemic seemed to hit doctors and other healthcare workers especially hard in that country, due to limited PPE and other resources.

Earlier this week, Mansour took a few minutes to share more about his personal and professional experiences in San Diego.

Every day is a new experience with new challenges to tackle, and that makes the job fun.

Mansour Shammas typing at a computer inside the Convention Center

Five Questions for Mansour

What do you enjoy the most about working here—now and in pre-pandemic days?
The team. I enjoy coming to work each day with our great people.

I also like watching the shows move in and out, since we’re like a micro-city that’s built every week. I get to see faces from all over the world. Every day is a new experience with new challenges to tackle, and that makes the job fun.

You’ve mentioned how much you enjoy spending time outside in San Diego, especially on your bike. Where are your favorite places to ride around?
My favorite rides are from the San Diego Convention Center to Point Loma via Harbor Drive, and from Coronado to Imperial Beach.

Do you have any favorite places in San Diego for take-out or delivery?
Sushi Diner and Chickpea.

Do you have any quick tech tips?
Treat every email as a potential hack—always think before clicking links! If you are not expecting an email from someone and suddenly you are invited to collaborate or you get this unexpected invoice then chances are high it’s spam.

Treat your passwords the same way you treat your social security number: Do not type it any time a link prompts you.  Better to be safe than sorry.

What is one place you want to go once the pandemic ends?

Authored by Maren Dougherty

Maren Dougherty is the San Diego Convention Center's Executive Director of Marketing & Communications. When she isn't writing articles or talking to media, you can find her enjoying San Diego's climate. She loves running through neighborhoods, visiting Balboa Park, and relaxing at San Diego's beautiful beaches.

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