San Diego Comic-Con's 50th event and the Convention Center's 30th anniversary are commemorated in this chocolate bar.

Comic-Con Milestone Event Commemorated in Chocolate

The San Diego Convention Center is offering attendees a unique and fun set of comic-themed chocolate bars, including a flavor that commemorates not one, but two milestone events in one

We're happy to unveil the 50/30 bar that will be offered to Comic-Con attendees. The candy bar celebrates both the 50th Comic-Con and the 30th anniversary of the Convention Center.

The bars, which we call Convention Con-Fections, have become a bit of a collector's item. Made by hand in the Convention Center's kitchen, our food and beverage team Centerplate creates home-made chocolate bars that can only be purchased at the Con.

Executive Chef Daryl O'Donnell and Pastry Chef Mathew Haven collaboratively choose flavors for each bar and this year, Senior Graphic Designer & Brand Manager Hailey Adams brought the wrapper designs to life.

Here are the 2019 Convention Con-Fection Bars!

50/30 Bar

  • Commemorating the 50th Comic-Con and the 30th Anniversary of the San Diego Convention Center, this bar is a birthday party of sweetness, made of white chocolate, birthday cake crumbles, vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles. The cover of the bar features the infamous and iconic Hall H, which is among many fans' bucket-lists as a location to visit.
50-30 Bar

This flavor is in addition to the three other flavors being served up this year.

Here's a look at the three other flavors you can purchase in the Ballroom 20 lobby:

Three new bars for comic-con are displayed. They are the Battle Bar, Dragon Smoke and Stranger Smores

Battle Bar

  • Declare "victory" when you taste this one-of-a-kind chocolate bar, made of dark chocolate and raspberry crisps.

Dragon Smoke

  • Spice things up with this unique chocolate bar, made with smoked dark chocolate and chipotle dust.

Stranger Smores

  • Turn your taste buds "upside down" with this fan favorite, consisting of milk chocolate, crispy waffles and maple syrup marshmallows.
This year, close to 4,000 chocolate bars are being made and wrapped in the Convention Center's very own kitchen, totaling to 813 pounds of Belgian chocolate. 

"It takes about an hour and a half to make about 100 candy bars," Haven said. "This year, we will spend more than 60 hours just making the bars."

The bars will sell for $5 each.

Inside four of the bars are Golden Tickets, good fora $100 Starbucks gift card. Just bring your winning ticket to the Convention Con-Fections concession stand located outside of Ballroom 20.

Watch this video to see how they are made.

Other Eats

Take five inside our onsite cafeteria, "Tides" located near Lobby A. The menu this year will include pulled pork sandwiches, carne asada fries and churro rings(!). Our mobile fish taco cart will also be back, serving up beer-battered cod, topped with shredded cabbage, jalapeno-cilantro aioli, lime and serve on warm white corn tortillas. Look for the cart in the Sails Pavilion.

In addition, you’ve asked for it and we listened. For those looking for healthy food options, attendees can enjoy a Kale Caesar Wrap as well as a selection of fresh salads. Centerplate will also be serving up Vegan Burgers (plant-based protein) and Gluten-Friendly Wraps.

Before We Forget…

Don't forget there are some important temporary vehicle restrictions in place for this year's Comic-Con. Please refer to the public access section of our website for more information.

Authored by Barbara Moreno

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